Learn more about Carlos

Carlos is a first generation American who moved with his family to Santa Maria pursing the American Dream. Like most of our community, they arrived with a bag full of hopes and dreams. Santa Maria is his home and he works hard every day to make of it a better place to live for our families.

Carlos is a social leader with a BA in International Relations and a Certificate in Business: Executive Leadership by Allan Hancock College.

He knows what it takes to work in the broccoli fields, how exhausting is working as cahier during the night shift, being a cook, and even being a server in a hotel banquet department.

He currently works as Student Success Outreach Specialist at Allan Hancock College where he has been able to provide support and guidance to thousands of Santa Marians in the process of applying to higher education and technical careers.

As Event Coordinator for Santa Maria Open Streets ¡Calles Vivas!, last year he brought together more than 150 free activity providers and around 20,000 community members on West Main Street, receiving the recognition as the Young Professional 2019 awarded by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Since his arrival Carlos has sought to contribute to our community. One example was the creation of the first Toastmasters club in Spanish on the Central Coast “Toastmasters Valle de Santa María”, of which he was the Founding President.

He currently serves as Commissioner for the Fifth District on the Human Services Commission of Santa Barbara County. As Commissioner he works hard to protect and sustain the human services safety net that benefits thousands of individuals and families by having access to resources such as after-school programs, senior programs, counseling and case management, food, clothing, shelter, rental housing assistance, and job preparedness, to name a few.

Carlos also volunteers for more than 10 different great organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Bici Centro, Santa Barbara Food Bank, United Way, Rotary International, Serve Santa Maria to mention few.

For all the above, we can affirm that Carlos knows and understands the needs of our community.

District 1 requires a representative with experience and a great spirit of service. Somebody who knows the problems you face and has the capacity and openness to seek community-based solutions. Somebody who represents our community as a whole; somebody who understands that in order to make things happen you need to include all voices.

Carlos is looking forward to earn your trust and support and become your City Council Representative for District 1.

Together, we will make history in District 1

Together, we will make history in Santa Maria.