Meet your Future City Council Representative

Carlos Escobedo

My name is

Carlos Escobedo


Like most of our community,

I am a product of the American Dream.

I am a first generation American.

My family and I came to Santa Maria with a bag full of hopes and dreams.

Santa Maria is our home and as all of us, I work hard to make it a better place to live.

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As your City Council representative,

some of the issues I will advocate for include:

Increase Public Safety

Public safety is about making sure that we all feel safe in our neighborhood. As City Councilmember I will promote community policing initiatives to guarantee better protection and safety of our families. We must fight crime together as a community, and establishing trust between law enforcement and residents is the first step.

Youth Recreation

The effects of recreation are multi-fold. Recreation improves our physical health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, improves our mental health, reduces stress and increases self-esteem. Sports are a community and family activity which can also provide an alternative for youth and thus help achieve the goal of reducing youth crime.

As Councilmember, I will work together with our school districts, non-profit organizations, businesses and the community to promote initiatives for physical, cultural and other healthy activities that create safe family-friendly recreation spaces.

Help Small Businesses Succeed

Successful local small businesses lead to a successful community. As Councilmember, I will make sure the City of Santa Maria does everything it can to help businesses succeed.

Specifically, I will advocate for a permitting process that is:

  • Simple

  • Consistent

  • Time efficient

By eliminating unnecessary red tape, we can make this process as efficient as possible, thus making it easier to start and maintain your own business in Santa Maria.

Address Lack of Affordable Housing

The lack of affordable housing and high rent are big issues in Santa Maria, meaning more than 50% of our community cannot afford to purchase a home of their own. As Councilmember I will advocate to incentivize developments that dedicate a significant portion of the project to low-income housing.

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